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STAT 200 Week 8 HomeWork Latest Work

  • STAT 200 Week 8 HomeWork Latest Work
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STAT 200 Week 8 HomeWork Latest Work

Lane Chap. 15

10. If an experiment is conducted with 5 conditions and 6 subjects in each condition, what are dfn and dfe?

17. The following data are from a hypothetical study on the effects of age and time on scores on a test of reading comprehension. Compute the analysis of variance summary table.

28. (AT) The dataset ADHD Treatment has four scores per subject.
Is the design between-subjects or within-subjects?
Create an ANOVA summary table.

69. A researcher wants to know if the mean times (in minutes) that people watch their favorite news station are the same. Suppose that Table 13.24 shows the results of a study.

Assume that all distributions are normal, the four population standard deviations are approximately the same, and the data were collected independently and randomly. Use a level of significance of 0.05.

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