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MGT 362T Week 2 Apply Vision Statement Case Study Latest Work

  • MGT 362T Week 2 Apply Vision Statement Case Study Latest Work
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MGT 362T Week 2 Apply Vision Statement Case Study Latest Work



Based on the vision statements expressed, what is the significance relating to organizational structure?


Check All That Apply

Updated visions ilustrate changing priorities in conjunction with internal and external environmental changes which in turn, may affect changes in organizational structure

Vision statements have no bearing on changes in organizational structure or culture,

Vision statements help change leaders focus on what changes may be necessary to implement the vision




In terms of developing an organizational structure accommodating change, which of the following statements is false

Multiple Choice points

Skipped Vision drives change

Vision emerges from the organizational change process.

Vision contributes or hinders the organizational change process

None of these



Organizational redesign and restructuring accommodating change includes, but is not limited to the following considerations

Check All That Apply

Adjustments in lines of business or profit center alignment may be necessary

Changes in intra and interdepartmental processes may be required to enhance efficiency and profitability

Changes in policies and relationships with vendors and suppliers may be required



When change in organizational structure is being assessed, the change leader must consider employees as its most important asset. What are some of the step(s) that should be taken when reviewing the human factor of the change equation?

Check All That Apply points


Review of current and future roles and skill sets of employees by work unit is necessary.

Changes to workforce composition must be addressed and a plan of action must be developed eg retraining, transfers, downsizing, etc.

Communicating the need for and nature of change to employees is a prerequisite for a potentially successful change initiative.




To what extent do stakeholders influence a plan and subsequent implementation of organization restructuring that accommodates change?

Multiple Choice


 Stakeholders are incidental to the change process

 Stakeholders are not decision makers and cannot influence the potential outcome of organizational restructuring

Stakeholder expertise in managing change is very limited, and should not be considered by change leaders in the planning of adaptable organizational structures O None of the these




As the need for organizational change and restructuring is considered by the change manager

Check All That Apply points


The current circumstances need to be assessed in relation to each specific organizational change situation.

Appropriateness for wholesale change can be assessed by analytical tools utilized by the change manager

Mission and vision of the organization as prescribed by senior management and the board of directors must be woven into any proposed changes.



Initial positioning for potential success of organizational change requires 100

Check All That Apply

A thorough analysis and consideration by the change manager senior management, and board of directors

 Top down support from senior management and the board of directors Employee buy-in via a specific communications program during each phase of change.




The implementation of a successful organizational restructuring includes, but is not limited to the following actions 1

Multiple Choice


Majority vote by the board of directors.

Approval by a legislative or regulatory body

 Approval by the employees' representative bargaining units

None of these



Organizational structuring accommodating change may be due to the organization's filing of legal action for reorganization in order to remain viable, which presents significant challenges for an assigned change leader. To what extent do the following considerations need to be included in any plan for organizational structuring?


Multiple Choice

 Hiring a good onomey is essen

 Avoiding the press and social media is advisable Avoid

 Filing a gag order on vendors, suppliers, and union representatives is prudent

None of these




From a holistic perspective, organizational structuring accommodating change consists of a number of elements that the change manager must assess using evidence-based tools such as environmental scanning that reveals components of the organization's strengths. weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Compartmentalization of each may indicate a partial restructuring and/or changes in processes What would be considered driving factors for in the determination of wholesale restructuring versus partial restructuring

Check All That Apply

Noticeable decline in market share / profitability of the organization indicates that an in-depth evaluation of the organization's structure, processes, competition relationships etc. is essential

Increase in customer churn, based on industry standards, signals a potential problem in offerings, product quality pricing customer service, etc.

It may be isolated to these areas Increase in employee turnover or grievances bargaining unit claims at different levels in the organization indicates a human resources issues that must be explored and resolved

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