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HSA 315 quiz 3 (1) Latest Work

  • HSA 315 quiz 3 (1) Latest Work
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HSA 315 quiz 3 (1) Latest Work

Question 1 

  IT staff plays the most crucial role in what phase of system implementation?  
Question 2 
  Who would be the best person to serve as system champion for the implementation of a CPOE system?
Question 3 
  One of the first activities necessary in implementing any new system is:
Question 4 
  It is reasonable to expect that the hardware, software, and network will likely need to be replaced in how many years as advances are made in technology?
Question 5 
  The main concern with using the train the trainer approach is that:
Question 6 
  A common server-based distribution method that uses multiple servers to communicate each of which is dedicated to one or more specialized function is known as:
Question 7 
  The most common type of database in use today is a:
Question 8 
  A type of remote access technology that provides access to applications through a locally installed client and can run on different computing devices such as tablets and phones is known as:
Question 9 
  Which type of database is specifically designed for decision support and allows data to be extracted along such dimensions as time, location or diagnosis?
Question 10 
  Which of the following is NOT a component of the WAN network?
Question 11 
  Which organization has the responsibility under a HIPAA mandate, to recommend uniform data standards for patient medical record information (PMRI)?  
Question 12 
  The standard for the electronic exchange of patient summary information or “transportable” patient care information is known as:
Question 13
  What standards are specifically related to the secure exchange of health information over the Internet?
Question 14 
  The most common method of developing health care IT standards is:
Question 15 
  CDT codes are designed to support accurate recording and reporting of treatments and procedures related to?

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