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FIN 351 Week 5 Homework Assignment Latest Work

  • FIN 351 Week 5 Homework Assignment Latest Work
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FIN 351 Week 5 Homework Assignment Latest Work

Chapter 13 Discussion Question 1
Why would an investor be interested in convertible securities? (What do they offer to the investor?)
Chapter 14 Discussion Question 3
What is meant by the exercise or strike price on an option?
Chapter 14 Discussion Question 11
What are two option strategies to take advantage of an anticipated decline in stock prices? (Relate one to call options and the other to put options.)
Chapter 14 Problem 3
a. What is the intrinsic value of the 65 call?
Chapter 15 Discussion Question 7
How does the concept of margin on a commodities contract differ from that of margin on a stock purchase?
Chapter 15 Discussion Question 15
Explain how interest rate swaps can reduce risks for the counterparties.
Chapter 16 Discussion Question 1
Why are stock index futures and options sometimes referred to as derivative products?
Why do some investors believe derivative products make the markets more volatile?
Chapter 16 Discussion Question 6
Why is it unrealistic for a portfolio manager to sell a large portion of his portfolio if he thinks the market is about to decline?

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