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EDU 615 Week 5 Stage Five Mental Model Latest Work

  • EDU 615 Week 5 Stage Five Mental Model Latest Work
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EDU 615 Week 5 Stage Five Mental Model NE

Stage Five: Mental Models. For this assignment, write a five- to seven-page paper (double- spaced, not including title and reference pages) that:

1. Describe the problem/issue(s) identified previously (in Week One).
2. Describe strategies you identified, per the research for addressing that issue(s)/problem(s) (in Week
3. Describe how you would establish a moral purpose statement for change, write at least one moral purpose
statement example to offer to stakeholders, and identify the steps you would take to procure buy-in and
support for the endeavor from stakeholders identified.
4. Then take a look at the data you collected through the interviews (e.g., face-to-face, blogs, emails),
consider past experience and conversations with colleagues and supervisors, and examine demographic data to identify some of the most prevalent mental models (i.e., established ways of thinking about a topic) that exist within the organization in question. For example, individuals within your organization may have a mental model that technology is too complicated and they don't have time to learn how to use it. Mental models in your school might be positive (e.g., a belief that all students are worth "saving") or negative (e.g., a belief that leadership is always trying to sabotage their efforts).
5. Describe two or three of the most prevalent collective mental models you believe exist in your organization. Describe how these mental models will either be an obstacle to your proposed change effort or aid in its facilitation. In other words, describe how the mental models either help or hinder (or both) the change initiative you believe is necessary.
 If you believe the mental models that exist in your organization will hinder your change effort, identify at least one mental model that should be cultivated in your organization to facilitate the necessary change and remedy the identify issue/problem. Explain how this mental model can be initiated, developed, communicated, and sustained in an effort to implement the change needed.
6. Describe possible challenges to cultivating and sustaining the mental model(s) identified, or suggest and provide possible solutions to overcome the challenges and facilitate the change in thinking among stakeholders.
7. Find at least one peer-reviewed research article and identify at least two strategies recommended for either changing existing mental models or using them to strengthen your plan for change.
Your paper must cite sources both in-text and on a reference page and be formatted per APA style guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center


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