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DBM 438 Week 3 Quiz Latest Work

  • DBM 438 Week 3 Quiz Latest Work
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DBM 438 Week 3 Quiz Latest Work

1. TCO 3 - The ____ clause of the CREATE CONTROLFILE command tells Oracle 10g to overwrite any existing control files it finds.

2. TCO 3 - ____ partitioning splits a table based on distinct ranges of values, such as quarters in a year.

3. TCO 3 - The status of a redo log group can be ____ if it is not needed for crash recovery.

4. TCO 3 - There can be up to ____ archiver processes.

5. TCO 6 - The database name is defined either in the CREATE DATABASE command or the ____ initialization parameter.

6. TCO 6 - All of the data dictionary views except those starting with the ____ prefix have public synonyms and public permission to query.

7. TCO 6 - ____ lists the names of the control files in use by the database.

8. TCO 6 - ____ partitioning divides partition values evenly based on hash values calculated from a column value or values in each row of a table.

9. TCO 3 – You are the lead DBA of your entire group and in a team meeting. One of your collegues asks you the following question: What is the purpose of grid computing? How can this be achieved?

10. TCO 6 – If another DBA asks you, “Why would you want to drop redo log members”? How would you answer the question? Please be thorough in your response.

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