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DBM 438 Week 2 Quiz Latest Work

  • DBM 438 Week 2 Quiz Latest Work
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DBM 438 Week 2 Quiz Latest Work

1. TCO 2 - There are ____ options for the SHUTDOWN COMMAND.

2. TCO 2 - If you install Oracle 10g Enterprise Edition on Windows 2000, the minimum requirements for virtual memory are ____ megabytes of RAM.

3. TCO 2 - SHUTDOWN ____automatically completes and commits all pending transactions, then forcibly disconnects all connected users, and shuts down the database.

4. TCO 2 - A(n) ____ database allows you to define anything and everything – this one is for the experts.

5. TCO 2 - The ____ database configuration option allows for a lot of change activity, raising concurrency requirements, and lowering I/O activity requirements.

6. TCO 2 - The CREATE DATABASE ____ option is used to set the maximum number of redo log groups.

7. TCO 2 - The ____ tool guides you through database setup and creation using windows with instructions for each step.

8. TCO 2 – You are a senior DBA and you are mentoring a newly hired DBA right out of college. The new DBA asks you to briefly discuss the prerequisites you must fulfill before creating a new database.

9. TCO 2 – The Oracle alert log is essential because it will contain all of the essential information such as logging and errors for the database. Discuss some of the tasks\actions you can do within Oracle that will cause Oracle to log information to the Oracle alert log.

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