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DBM 438 Quiz 4 Latest Work

  • DBM 438 Quiz 4 Latest Work
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DBM 438 Quiz 4 Latest Work

1. TCO 4 - When you take a tablespace offline, there are ____ methods you can specify for Oracle 10g’s execution of the command

2. TCO 4 - Each ____ represents a group of bytes in the physical file

3. TCO 4 - The second largest logical structure is a(n) ____.

4. TCO 4 - To use ____ partitioning, you set up a distinct list of partitioning key values and define which values go into each partition.

5. TCO 4 - The EXTENT MANAGEMENT and ____ MANAGEMENT clauses of the CREATE TABLESPACE command tell Oracle 10how to track the usage of blocks within each extent

6. TCO 4 - The initialization parameter ____ contains the default or standard block size.

7. TCO 8 - When creating a tablespace, the ____ option allows the creation of very large permanent or temporary tablespaces, with a single very large datafile.

8. TCO 4 - A ____-managed tablespace has a bitmap in the header of the tablespace that stores all of the details about free space, used space, and location of extents

9. TCO 8 - What is the difference between temporary and permanent tablespaces?

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