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DBM 438 Quiz 3 Latest Work

  • DBM 438 Quiz 3 Latest Work
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DBM 438 Quiz 3 Latest Work

1. TCO 3 - The ____ tablespace contains Oracle optional software metadata and data.

2. TCO 3 - ____ a redo log group ensures that you can perform a complete, up-to-the-minute recovery of your database in the event of catastrophic failure, such as the loss of a disk drive that held your SYSTEM tablespace.

3. TCO 3 - ____ are the logical layer of an Oracle database.

4. TCO 3 - When you type the ____ command, the redo log buffer’s redo records are moved to the redo log files

5. TCO 6 - All of the data dictionary views except those starting with the ____ prefix have public synonyms and public permission to query

6. TCO 6 - ____ partitioning divides partition values evenly based on hash values calculated from a column value or values in each row of a table

7. TCO 6 - Oracle ____ are much like opening a direct pipeline between different servers and databases

8. TCO 6 - Oracle-managed log groups may be added to OMF databases by using the following command: ____.

9. TCO 3 – Describe the steps and commands needed to place a database that is in NOARCHIVE Log mode to ARCHIVELOG mode.

10. TCO 6 – What are 3 dynamic performance views your book talks about? List 3 of them and then give a thorough response for each one

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