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ACCT 216 Week 4 Homework

  • ACCT 216 Week 4 Homework
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ACCT 216 Week 4 Homework

Suppose Robotics, Inc.’s inventory records for a particular item indicated the following transactions in September:
September 1    Beginning Inventory    10 units @ $29
September 9    Purchase    18 units @ $32
September 23    Purchase    9 units @ $30
September 28    Purchase    6 units @ 31
Required: The company sold 24 units on September 30. Compute the ending inventory and cost of goods sold using each of the following methods:
3.Average Cost
Hello fellow students of ACCT 216: This is week 4’s homework assignment. By now you should be familiar with the Inventory Costing Methods, and if you’re not, I recommend you refer to your textbook for more detailed examples.
This is not as complicated as it appears but it is a bit tricky, once you understand the methods you will find they are quite fun. Inventory is one of my

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