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OI 466 Week 5 Team Assignment Peer Review IV and Presentation LATEST WORK

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OI 466 Week 5 Team Assignment Peer Review IV and Presentation NEW

Meet with your Learning Team and critique each team members' proposed innovative strategy, provide constructive feedback, and address:
•    Was the innovation disruptive? Why?
•    What type of intellectual capital protection might the innovation require? Explain.
•    What creative thinking process was applied? Explain.
•    What type or types of technology might be used to support the innovation? Explain.
•    How is the success of the innovation measured? Describe.
Select one team member's innovation describing a Process, Product or Service ( your Week#5 paper) 
Submit a 10-15 slide presentation on that ONE selection answering the above questions briefly and clearly - include slide notes in the presentation
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


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