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ACC 306 Week 2 Discussion 2 Investing Assets LATEST WORK

ACC 306 Week 2 Discussion 2 Investing Assets LATEST WORK
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ACC 306 Week 2 Discussion 2 Investing Assets NEW

Read Chapters 15 and 16 in the textbook.

Write: Make sure your response addressing the questions below is more than 200 words and you include an in-text citation, a quote from the pronouncement.

“Accounting standards require entities to measure certain assets or liabilities at fair value. These rules require accountants to make subjective assessments in determining when impairment should be considered “other than temporary,” and if so, to write down the impaired asset to its fair value with a charge to current-period earnings. Companies are generally reluctant to take such impairment charges because once a new cost basis is established from the write-down, any subsequent appreciation in fair value of the impaired security may not be recognized until the security is sold. At the same time, the decision not to recognize impairment is subject to close scrutiny by analysts and regulators.”

The above paragraph is the introduction to the below article. Read the article and respond to the following questions:

Explain the two methods available to assess impairment of securities.
What are the disclosure requirements?
What evidence should be evaluated when determining “other-than-temporary” impairment?
Where do companies disclose their policy for regarding recognition of impairment on investment securities?
What guidance has the SEC provided? (Links to an external site.)

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